Smoked Turkey Honey and Maple Brined (Thanksgiving 2009)

12 LB Turkey thawed, giblets removed
1lb Kosher Salt
3 cloves garlic
1 gal water
7lbs ice
12-16 oz maple syrup
12 oz honey
5 bay leaves
2 Quarts Vegetable broth

1 T basil
1 t paprika
1 T black pepper
2-4 T celery salt
canola oil spray
pinch of fresh rosemary

2 lemons, halved or quartered
handful of fresh rosemary

Pecan Wood chips
pan of diluted apple cider (can use undiluted, but I was running low)

mix everything but ice and turkey in big pot, heat until warm and all salt dissolved.  Put Turkey in round cooler, breast up, with ice and brine.  Let it sit for 12 to 20 hrs.

Remove bird from brine.  Rinse off.  Apply Rub:  Spray bird with canola, sprinkle on rub.  Stuff with stuffing.

Smoke at 210 to 230 for 30 minutes per lb of bird, breast up on v-rack in foil pan; until internal temp hits 170-175.  Check after 4 hrs and 6 hrs.  This one took 6 hrs.  Cover with foil if bird looks like it's burning (shouldn't have this problem with lower temps)

To reheat:  350 oven until internal temp reaches 165

Everybody loved it.