The BBQ I made that I liked.


1 1/2 C Brown Sugar
1/3 C Salt
1Tbl paprika
1Tbl cumin
Granulated Garlic, black pepper, onion powder to taste (1t to 2T)
used worchestshire black pepper

UPDATE (8/16/2009)
May want to try to not use sugar in rub next time.  Try putting syrup, honey, or molasses on 30 min to 1 hr before you take it off.  Also, use less cumin.

UPDATE (6/12/2010)
Ok. Here's what I've done lately:

Picnic Hams because they're slightly leaner than Boston Butt (once the fat is trimmed).

I've had mixed result with the cut getting picnic hams, some fatter than others, but all better than BB

The syrup on at 30 minutes to go worked much better

1 t of cumin is perfect.

Put pigs in homemade tin foil pans. Save the drippings (more on that with the sauce).

For God's sake, do not put more than 1/4 C of salt in the rub.

If cooking multiple, be careful with just double, tripling, etc. rub.
Might be safe to double, just not more than that, the salt gets brutal

UPDATE 9/2/2010

1 T Paprika
1 t Cumin
1 T Kosher Salt
1 T Garlic Powder
1 T Black Pepper
1 T Onion Powder

We'll see how that works.

Also, spritzed the pig with Apple Cider Vinegar about 6 hrs in.
It was looking dry.

**Joy says this is the best yet.

Next time, try something a little spicy in rub


2C apple cider vinegar
3C Water
1/3 C Brown Sugar
1/4 C kosher salt
1T Paprika
Granulated garlic, black pepper
about a cup of sweet bbq sauce
heat, mix

UPDATE (8/16/2009)
1 1/2 C apple cider vinegar.  (still too much)
1/2 small can tomato paste instead of BBQ Sauce
regular sugar.  NEED MORE SUGAR
1/4 t of chipotle pepper, dry.  (might have been too much)
cook at least an hour to mellow out vinegar
Cooked down to 2C, used 1 1/2 C on two butts

UPDATE (6/12/2010)
Scratched entire sauce
Got a fat sifter, put drippings in there because I figured that everything I needed in the sauce was already in the rub.
After I got rid of as much of the fat as I could, I cooked the 'sauce' on med high for at least 20 minutes.
I probably broke some unwritten BBQ law, but this stuff is gooooooood.
Add tomato paste or mustard to thicken if you want.
Jon made me put maple syrup and bourbon in it one time and it was really good.
It doesn't need much of anything else.

Cooking Instructions

Mix Rub, apply, let sit for 24 hrs (at least 8)

Cook at 210 until internal temp hits 180-190, about 12-14hrs.  Used Pecan wood chunks.

Pull, put in bag, pour on sauce.